square Amanda Coogan: Long Now

A documentary exploring the importance of time and duration through Amanda Coogan, the Dublin-born performance artist who has been a close student and collaborator with Marina Abramovic throughout her career. Filmed during a gruelling six-week exhibition at Ireland’s prestigious RHA Gallery, the hour-long documentary follows the artist as she prepares for and performs daily for six hours a day, five days a week.

Capturing what was the gallery’s most successful and visited show in its 187-year history, the film weaves together the beautiful live performances with Coogan’s off-screen reflections on the physical and emotional demands of her art and why her Deaf family background and Sign Language in particular is often the inspiration for a movement or performance.

Amanda with headlight and mirror



Amanda Coogan

Director, Camera & Edit

Paddy Cahill


Lynette Moran

Tal Green

Assistant Producer

Pamela Cahill

Original Music

Áine Fay

Sound Design & Mix

Gavin O'Brien

Grade & Online Edit

Michael Higgins

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